A Legendary Fume Arm Since Day #1

A Legendary Fume Arm Since Day #1


With our new line of products from Legend APC, we are delighted to offer a series of standing fume arms.

Today, let's introduce you to the Legendary HEPA fume arm option! If you're wanting the best portable welding fume extractor, this self-contained, portable fume extractor is for you.

The ideal choice for welding stainless steel and other processes that produce hexavalent chromium. Our top-of-the line Fume Extractor features push-button pulse jet cleaning, as well as a secondary HEPA afterfilter to remove 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter.  Our premium model combines all the essential features of our other models, providing superior filtration to safeguard your workspace from the most harmful airborne contaminants. 

- Secondary HEPA afterfilter
- Push-button pulse jet cleaning for longer filter life 
- External articulation
- Sturdy position-locking arm
- Strong steel construction
- Casters for mobility
- Powder-coated finish for durability

Technical Data
- Capture hood diameter 14"
- 80/20 cellulose/polyester cartridge filter
- 10' power cord
- 1.5 HP motor
- 115/230 Voltage
- Airflow range 1200 CFM
- Requires 75-115 PSI compressed air to pressurize cleaning tank

With all of these features you can see why we think this HEPA powered welding fume extraction system is not only the best, but LEGENDARY!

Stay tuned for more featured products form our friends over at Legend APC.