A Separator You Can Count On

A Separator You Can Count On

Nothing gets the dust flying like wood working applications. When dust, chips and partiulate enter the duct, the diverse size and composition of debris makes for a unique filtration challenge. 

With large wood working facilities, bag houses and dust collectors can quickly be overwhelmed by excess partiuclate. What is more, smaller operations can face the burden of expensive and large filtration options - far more than thier smaller shops can bear. The solution for both of these problems might be a well engineered in-line separator. 

In-line separators, sometimes called in line cyclones, can quickly and efficiently remove the debris from the air stream by adjusting CFM and directional flow to facilitate drop-out. 

An effective separator can be used alone (for smaller operations) or as a pre-filter to reduce the load on bag houses and collectors. In addition, multiple units can be installed at the same facility to better address need for debris removal.

Look to a quality in line separator to manage filtration costs simply.