Automatic Butterfly Valve With Half Moon Stops -AC Voltage

SKU: ABS06.G18-24A
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Ductwork butterfly valves are designed to assist with air-flow rate changes. An electronic solenoid controls a pneumatic cylinder that pivots a circular disk mounted in the airstream to control airflow from fully open (for 100% flow), to fully closed (shutting off all air).

  • 80 PSI is required to operate the pneumatic cylinder.
  • The cylinder is activated by solenoids connected to virtually any electric signal - 12/24 V, AC/DC, or 110/220 voltage.
  • 3/16" thick disk offers long life.

  • Also known as Butterfly Damper, Butterfly Valve or Volume Damper

  • Products come with raw ends. Diameters are +/- 1/8 inch.