Automatic Cut-Off

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Auto Cut-Offs are automatic cut-off gates that are sealed to prevent any leakage across the blade. An electrical solenoid controls these fast and robust pneumatically-powered cut-offs to provide air only when needed in specific areas. Additionally, our automatic cut-off gates can be linked to a PLC, VFD, or pressure sensor. 

  • Available in 12/24V AC/DC, 110/220 volt. 

  • Requires 80 psi to operate.

  • Also known as  Blast Gates, Valves, and Slide Gates.
  • Take care to order the voltage required. 
  • NOTE:  For liquid or mist applications, use "blast gates" instead of "cut-offs."
  • Products come with raw ends. Diameters are +/- 1/8 inch. Galvanized Metal.


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