Legend APC Hanging Fume Arm

SKU: WFA-6H-10
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Pipe Diameter

Finally, a fume arm workers enjoy using!  The Legend APC Hanging Fume Arm is easy to move, but stays where you position it without wilting or sagging.  So, whether the application involves welding, soldering, or working with other fumes or light dusts, the Legend APC Hanging Arm is right there, safely keeping harmful fumes and powders away from the workers' breathing zones. 

- Continuous 360-degree rotation
- Solid, metal construction
- Powder coated for durability
- Wide hood designed for maximum fume capture
- Smooth and easy to move
- Locking levers and a high-tension strut ensure the arms stay where you put them
- Grab handles for precise positioning

Technical Data
- Hood opening diameter: 14" (for all pipe diameters)