Self Dumping Hoppers

Regular price $1,126.00

This rugged self-dumping hopper dumpster is where it's at!

Built with 10-gauge steel, powder coated for maximum durability, and your choice of Small (.75 yd), Medium (1.36 yd), and Large (2.19 yd). Any of these makes moving waste for commercial properties, medical facilities, barns, demolition sites, and more a complete breeze!

Strategically place these all over your site/property to collect and transport debris for easy dumping into the larger dumpster, junk, or trash pile later.

Self-dumping when you release the latch and returns to upright when finished.


*Ask us how we can custom color powder coat it to match your site. Paint it bright so it's visible on the construction site or paint it a muted color to hide in plain sight.