Legend APC Standing Fume Arm

SKU: WFA-6-8
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Overall Length
Pipe Diameter

Maintain the safety of your workspace with this essential product. Quickly remove fumes from any sized space with our standing, articulated fume arm. The continuous 360-degree rotating arm is ideal for capturing fumes from welding and other fume-emitting processes.

- Continuous 360-degree rotation
- Solid, metal construction
- Powder coated for durability
- Wide hood designed for maximum fume capture
- Smooth and easy to move
- Locking levers ensure the arms stay where you position them
- Grab handles for precise positioning

Technical Data
- Lengths Available: 8" and 10"
- Pipe Diameters: 6" and 8"
- Hood Diameter Opening: 14" (for all pipe diameters)